Who are these characters?
Unless specified as fanart, 90% of the characters here are my very own original creations, straight out of the void that is my mind! If you know who they are, then that's wonderful! If you don't, you can check out my socials because I post a lot about them on there.
Will you make merch of [insert fan character here]?
It depends! Most of the fanart related merch that I make are mainly of characters I personally like from shows/movies I know and enjoy. So if you ask for a specific JoJo character, chances are I'll say no because I don't watch it or know enough about it to consider making merch. It also depends on how flexible the IPs are since these are fanart.
Will there be more than just pins and charms?
Oh definitely! I have other types of merch planned out, it's all a matter of getting what I need to make it with. Such other merch includes coins, stickers, prints, and 3D printed models. As to when they'll be added, it's uncertain.
How long do the custom charms take to make?
Depending on my workload, the art itself should take at most a week. Then there's the production of the charms and shipping them to my home next, which will take another week or two. And finally I get to ship them to you! Which should hopefully take another few days to a week, all depending on how good the post office wants to be. In total it should be at least 4 weeks before you finally get your charms!
I ordered my custom charms, now what?
Now you just wait for my response! I will contact you again through email within a few days showing you a rough design sketch of what you provided. After I get your feedback, I will email you again once the artwork is fully completed to get confirmation from you before I set it off to charm production. Please don't be shy to tell me if I got something wrong in the design! I want you to be happy with the end result.
I have a question that isn't listed here.
Worry not! If you have a more specific question, then you can simply send me an email through my 'Contact Us' page!