About the Alchemist

Howdy hey! It's ya boy, Mali, aka the cryptid behind the art and owner of this here shop!

I'm a full time freelance artist who loves to create and share my original characters and their stories. Most of which involves Alchemy magic in some way because that has consumed my life.

Although not all of what I'm selling is Alchemy related, a large chunk of it will be focused around my original characters, as well as some fanart related content here and there.

So why make a store? Well it's simple! I'm a collector and huge lover of pins and other little trinkets like it. So I figured I'd gather some of my OCs and fandom related characters and turn them into merch I think others might enjoy!

I may be small and new to owning a shop, but I'd love to continue producing even more enjoyable things that everyone loves!

My shop is also very LGBTQ+ friendly!! I, myself, am part of the community under the nonbinary/trans umbrella. So there will be plenty of pride designs of all types to come.


Other places to find me --> Carrd

More merch for shirts, stickers, mugs, and other things --> Redbubble

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